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Career Days in METU...

Ömürden M. Sezgin

Hello! This is Omurden M. Sezgin, nice to meet you.I don`t have prejudices and I like making new friends.So I will be glad to know you without caring whatever you are , I just want you to be honest!
Anyway let me introduce myself briefly...

I was born in Samsun which is the biggest and the prettiest city of the black sea region.However I consider myself as a citizen of Tirebolu which is a cute town of eastern blacksea region , altough I have been living in Samsun since I was born.
Now I live in Ankara where I continue my university education at METU.This is my third year living without my family.
Three years later I will be an Industrial Engineer, also I try to be a psycholog during my engineering education by having a minor program.
The most enjoyable thing for me is travelling all over Turkey and Europe.
I also like classical Turkish Music.I can play a little bit violin and now I am taking lessons .
I try to be a scout during my education by attending the student club of metu scouts.
Shortly these are my parts of life.
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